The Pinball Arcade Release Cyclone for Android, Amazon, Steam (PC & Mac) and OUYA

Cyclone™ has been released for Android, Amazon, Steam (PC & Mac) and OUYA!!! iOS is delayed but should be released in the next few days.

Cyclone™ (1988): is another classic table from Designer, Barry Oursler. Featuring an outstanding theme with art created by Python Anghelo, every part of the Playfield represents a classic element of a Carnival. This includes a rotating Ferris Wheel that actually carries the ball and crazy ramps representing the Comet and Cyclone Roller Coasters. Banks of Spot Targets and a sink hole represent the Carnival’s Spook House, Ball Toss and Shooting Gallery. This table also featured an industry first Mystery Wheel on the backglass that spins for awesome rewards! Approximately 9,400 units of this table were produced.

Video of Cyclone:

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