Mods Update : 3-26-2015 : PinGraffix Bloody Hands and Laseriffic Road Show Signs

The Walking Dead Bloody Hands Decals:

Bloody hand prints for the playfield glass located by the apron. Another great mod from PinGraffix. The first design I have seen for the playfield glass.

380568  380564

380565 380563

Road Show Signs

7 signs to replace the current ones on your Road Show pinball machine.

Taken from Joe at Laseriffic.

I made these with the help of a few Friends/Pinsiders, I had a request to remake them. Here are 7 Green Acrylic Replacement signs for your roadshow Pinball. Each sign has blackout material on the back to block any light from passing through giving them the solid green consistent color. Here are a few pics and a side by side comparison. They are on my website ( can you believe that ) use contact us to order. The Skill Shot and Start City Event are riveted so those just have a med. tack sticky on the back to lay right over the existing sign. If you have a press you could drill out the holes your self but since most don’t this is the best option.

Pinside Post :

380545-i 380546-i 380547-i 380548-i 380550-i 380552-i

380695-i 380696-i