March 19

Run DMD Install and Mounting – Clock that Displays Williams and Stern DMD Videos

I recently was able to get the parts of the Run DMD and also the frame that goes along with it for mounting.  The clock is awesome.  It is a clock which displays Williams and Stern DMD videos while displaying the time.  I was going to hang it in my game room but I decided that much more of my time is spent in my office.  I made room in my office and it was hung on my wall tonight.

I have made three videos to show the features and installation of the clock.  It was well worth the time that it took me to setup and get the parts.  Thanks to everyone who helped me getting the parts and the frame. Below are some pics and links to all the videos of the Run DMD.


Run DMD Installation and Configuration :


Run DMD Video Play :


Run DMD Hung on Wall :

DSC_0110-X23 2

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Screw Sizes: European

A (6) M4x40 hex spacers
B (8) M3x30 hex spacers
C (4) M3x16 hex spacers
D (6) M4 nuts
E (4) M3 nuts
F (12) M3x12 flanged Allen screws
G (4) M3x8 flanged Allen screws
H (12) M4x12 silver Allen screws
I (6) M4x12 black Allen screws