I recently installed Mike D’s power mod into my CFTBL pinball machine.  The idea behind this power mod is to remove the power needed for the monitor and the Raspberry board of the Creature Mod that is needed from the pinball machine.  The power now is taken from the service power outlet that is located inside the pinball cabinet near the front under the shooter lane. Now the devices will not be powered by the boards in the back box of the pinball machine. The service power outlet gets its power directly from your wall in your home. This reduces the power consumption of the pinball machine and reduces power issues or blown fuses, resistors and transistors on the boards in the back box. Basically the installation is fairly easy.

Instructions for Installation.

* Plug the Power Mod into the service power outlet inside your cabinet

* Remove the power cable which comes from the back of the monitor (Red Black Male Cable) and plug the (Red Black Female Cable) which comes from the Power Mod into this cable. Now the Power Mod is getting power from the coin door to energize it when the machine gets turned on powering the monitor and raspberry board for the Creature Mod.

* Now plug the regular plug which came with your monitor into the Power Mod.  I used a power strip to add more outlets to the Power Mod for powering additional mods. I plugged both devices into the power strip coming from the Power Mod

* Next remove the plug that is presently powering your Raspberry board, and plug in a 5VDC micro USB unit rate for 1Amp or more  (Cell Phone Charger Plug) that you can purchase at Best Buy or online.  It must be the exact specs indicated above or it will not work.  The other end of this plug will plug into a power strip coming off the Power Mod.

* Now the Power Mod is powering the monitor and Raspberry board powering the Creature Mod.

I also had to change a setting in my config file on the SD card which is plugged into the Raspberry board.  A config file is on the card which communicates to the Creature Mod. The setting that needed changing was the boot time which was set to 1 by default. I changed the setting to 2 for compensation of the boot time now that the power is coming from a external power source.  Now the Power Mod works perfectly.

DSC00372 copy DSC00368

DSC00373 DSC00377