AC/DC Color DMD Game Play Videos (HighRES and DotXL)

I installed the color rom that was released by ColorDMD today in my AC/DC pinball machine.  I recently installed the ColorDMD hardware in anticipation of the rom being released.  You can read more about the install of the ColorDMD hardware here.


After updating to the color rom, I played a couple games in the different versions ColorDMD has to offer.  I recorded the Highres and the DotXL. The DotXL are large and small dots that make up the graphics on the DMD. The color and graphics look great.  Listed below are the links to the gameplay videos. Enjoy.

3-13-2015 2-36-00 AM

Color DMD 3.0 HighRes # 7 : AC/DC:

3-13-2015 2-43-04 AM

Color DMD 3.0 DotXL # 8 : AC/DC