Podcast Update 1-21-2015: Coast to Coast Pinball 131, The Pinball Podcast 47 and 47 B and Broken Token Episode 21

Coast 2 Coast Pinball

Episode 131 “The Desert Awakens or No Steel Chairs For You

– Arcade Expo Trip Report
– Wrestlemania talk



The Pinball Arcade

Episode 47 – Lights…Cena…Claytor!


Episode 47b – Wrestlemania Interview with Tommy Skinner

Don was able to catch up with Tommy Skinner to discuss Stern’s upcoming release, Wrestlemania. Don and Tommy talk about the game’s features, the art, and even some behind the scenes info about the game.

Tommy is a fellow podcaster that has done some great work on the One and Done Podcast that we’ve discussed previously on the show. You can check that out at the links below:


Episode 21 – An Evening with John Trudeau

We’re kicking off the new year in a massive way by sitting in with legendary Pinball designer, John Trudeau, and spending an evening discussing Stern’s newest title – Wrestlemania!

John gives us a candid and unplugged discussion around the back-story for the title while we talk game development, rule sets and all the new technology in this title.  Stern has packed this game to the gills with several legit new features and we talk through them all… from a new sound system to the innovative playfield mechanics and the brand-new modular Linux-based controller system alongside the introduction of LCD technology (in the LE) to the Stern line-up.

No kayfabe here gang… this is Stern’s A-game and we talk this baby from the swerve to the work and everything in-between.

So grab your folding chair, slam the turnbuckle and get ready for some great conversation on the “State of Stern” with John Trudeau!

We hope you enjoy this encore presentation of the podcast – flying arm-bar not included, of course!