Cool Shooter Rod for Metallica Pinball

Keith (KPull handle from Pinside), has designed a new Metallica skull shooter rod for Metallica pinball. The design looks great.

This is the story posted by Keith on Pinside about the creation of the shooter rod.

Something my brother and I have wanted to do since he picked up a MET and now that he has a 3D printer I figured I would put him to work!

Having some fun so I thought I would share. It measures ~ 1.75″ in diameter. Feels good in the hand but have not play tested it yet.

The process so far.
Modeled the cylinder in Maya>sent to printer>Sanding; priming; sanding….PITA

Off to the hobby store to get some paint.

The link to the Pinside story is:…/metallica-shooter-rod-cylinder-head-w…

Keith is selling the rod for $55 + shipping.

Below are some pics of the rod.

341567 341565 341564 341179 341181-i 341089 341088