Installed Zeb’s Plunger Kit Into Virtual Pinball Machine

After my initial purchase and build of my virtual pinball machine, some of the parts I bought was a plunger kit.  The plunger kit always gave me some issues especially with the plunger in the plunger lane. The plunger was inconsistent and never worked that well for me. Also the ball control when moving and shaking the machine either wasn’t working well or not working at all.  Online I found that Zebsboards created a plunger kit which uses a different type of plunger action than the previous one I had.

Instead of using a sensor to sense where the plunger rod is located in the tube, the Zebsboard plunger actually uses a piece of plastic which attaches to the tip of the plunger rod that moves up and down when pulling and pushing the shooter rod. I had to put a piece of electrical tape on the tip of the shooter rod to snug the shooter rod tip into the piece of plastic inside the shooter rod tube which is attached to the pinball machine.


Also Zebsboards provides a clamp that attaches to the end of the shooter rod which holds the shooter rod tube to the pinball machine when plunging.  I had an issue with this clamp so I made my own by using a stainless steel clamp which I altered by cutting the bottom off so the clamp lies flush to the pinball machine cabinet. Steve from Zebsboards recommends applying electrical tape to the ball of the plunger rod so the clamp he supplies gets more grip and makes the ball of the rod larger. The stainless steel clamp works great for me. The clamp I bought is 3/4 -1 3/4.



Click on the link to see the plunger in action:

To install the plunger kit, the wiring schematic is indicated below.


The black wire (Common Connections Wire) from the plunger kit needs to be daisy chained to all the negative leads to the buttons of your pinball machine. Images indicated below

Plunger Kit Buttons

Wiring under the apron of the positive leads to the virtual machine of the plunger kit.

Under Apron

I installed the kit about a week ago and so far it works great.  The plunger especially is very smooth and precise when pulling it back. I highly recommend the kit to anyone who has a virtual machine.

I also bought Zebsboards Virtual Output Kit and shaker motor. The Virtual Output Kit controls all the led lighting and knockers on my machine. Highly recommended as well.

To buy the plunger kit or any of the devices I mentioned above please visit Zebsboards site at:

Also to see my virtual machine please visit: