Dennis Nordman leaves Heighway Pinball

Dennis Nordman the creator of Whitewater, Elvira Scared Stiff, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Demolition Man, etc. has left the company according to Dennis Nordman.  No information of why, but this is the statement Dennis gave on Pinside.

I have decided to end my relationship with Heighway Pinball. I am not the game designer on the Alien project. I made the initial playfield drawing and created concepts for 4 new playfield toys. The drawing can change drastically as the game develops. Andrew announced that the game would be ready in April and I can’t possibly agree with this. I’ve seen the video that he submitted to FOX and if the game turns out anything like this it will be great.

Below are the details listed on the Heighway Pinball website about the Alien Pinball machine:

35 years after ‘Alien’ first came to movie theatres around the world, Heighway brings this terrifying title to pinball. With an all-new playfield layout, designed by industry design legend Dennis Nordman, this pinball game focuses on the first two movies, ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’. The player is submersed into the depths of outer space to play through multiple modes and stories featuring some of the most iconic storylines from both movies.

The widebody game, currently in development, features

  • 4 Flippers
  • Alien Xenomorph Models
  • Facehuggers
  • Chest Bursters
  • Space Jockey
  • Pulse Rifle Gunfights
  • Robot Sentries
  • + Much Much More!!

’35th Anniversary Edition’

In 1979, the release of ‘Alien’ made movie history and to celebrate 35 years of cinematic terror, Heighway Pinball will be releasing 500 ’35th Anniversary Edition’ games.
Available now for pre-order, and scheduled for production in April 2015, this special ‘Limited Edition’ game will feature:

    • Black Gloss Cabinet Finish, with Bright Lime Green Powder Coated Metal Trim (including legs)
    • Pinball Topper With Yellow Beacons
    • Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Backglass And Sideart (+ Standard Edition Artwork Package Also Included)
    • ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Game Plaque With Allocated Number (from 001-500)
    • Fibre Optic Ramp Lighting
    • Shaker Motor
    • Exclusive ’35th Anniversary Edition’ Alien Pinball Goodie Bag, With Magnets, T-Shirts, Posters, Badges + Much More!