Shooter Rod Alternatives.

On Pinside, a couple people are selling alternatives to the standard shooter rods.  Listed below are some pics and the links to where they can be bought.

234745-i 234747-i 234804-i 234802-i 234852 241770-i

141028-i 141027-i 149013-i 207350

258730-i 258267-i 258268-i 258731-i 258269-i 258270-i 258271-i 258729-i 258272-i 258273-i 258607-i 258733-i 258741-i 258742-i 258732-i 258744-i 258740-i 258737-i267327-i 271638-i 305141-i 271639-i 305142-i