Pinball Arcade Releases GhostBusters Pinball

Here is the release from Pinball Arcade about the pinball table.

Ghostbusters™ (2014): is based on the hit movie released in 1984 and it’s sequel. This game puts you in control of the Ghostbusters crew, featuring Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, as they battle paranormal foes in New York City. The Playfield is divided into three levels representing iconic settings from the movies: the city, rooftop and subway. Use eight flippers to move the ball through the three levels by shooting up and down ramps, tubes and a manhole as you build up a huge Ghost Bonus. Raise the Slimer Pop Bumper to reveal a ball lock for Multi-Ball and then cross the streams on the roof to destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Video of Gameplay:

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