Creature Retro Snackbar Mod

A new design is being created by Swinks on Pinside to replace the snack bar plastic with a lighted 50’s looking neon mod. The mod would replace the old plastic that is near the stand up targets and the scoop. The lighting on the mod can be changed to your liking. The colors that will be available are pink el wire with a purple dome and white el wire with a red dome.

The mod at the moment is in its beta phase and will start being delivered hopefully by end of the month (October). The price listed on Pinside is $153.00 plus shipping for U.S. customers.  I am on the waiting list and hopefully will receive one on the first run.

Please come back for my full review when released and installed into my Creature From the Black Lagoon pinball machine.

You can read all about the mod at:

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Thanks for reading.

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