York Pinball Show 2014

Today, (Friday October 10th 2014) I went to the York Pinball show in York Pennsylvania. The show consisted of about 8-10 rows of pinball ranging from classics to DMD machines. My girlfriend and I played and enjoyed all the machines we were able to play. The show had a lot of EM games.  Some of the EM machines were in wonderful shape.  I couldn’t believe that some of the EM machines at the show were over 40 years old and looked great.

My highlight of the day was playing the new Stern Walking Dead and also Spooky Pinball’s America’s Most Haunted.  I was very surprised in the gameplay and quality of the America’s Most Haunted Pinball machine.  It was smooth and played great. I liked the Walking Dead pinball but luckily not enough to purchase one. I enjoy my Metallica and AC/DC a bit more than the Walking Dead. Also the theme does not do that much for me. Also got to play a Wheel of Fortune that was in great shape.  I believe the machine was selling around $4400.  My girlfriend and I played about 5 games each on it.  I never played this title before but it is an awesome Nordman title. Next to that was a Williams Fire designed by Barry Oursler.  I never played that title before but it is a fun game that has no pop bumpers. If you are looking for many of the top 30 Pinsider list pinball games at the show, then you probably will have to look elsewhere.  Still the games at the show were great and fun to play.  Thanks to everyone who brought their machines and allowed everyone to play.

Got to meet and talk with the guys from PinGraffix. http://www.pingraffix.com/.  Awesome conversation from some great guys. I purchased many of the items PinGraffix has to offer for my personal machines http://www.pinballsupernova.com/my%20mods.html.  The products they create are top-notch and the customer service is stellar. Joe and Jose shared some mod ideas they have going forward.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Also met and talked with a couple Pinsider’s including TaylorVA.  Great guy who also does some great work with his pinball restorations. The usual exhibitors were at the show including CoinTaker who makes some great LED’s.  I use them in all my machines. Also Joe from Pinball Star was in attendance who brought a Wizard of Oz and also America’s Most Haunted.  He was also selling Invsi-Glass for playfields.

Overall the show was great. My girlfriend and I played some great games and met a lot of great people. Glad that we went to the show and got to spend some time with everything that supports this great hobby.  Visit my website at http://www.pinballsupernova.com to see my collection and everything else about pinball.  Thanks for reading.

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