ColorDMD Displays is excited to announce multicolor support for Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure pinball machines

This is the 13th multicolor release for the ColorDMD pinball display platform. With 12 game modes (including 3 video modes), and 4 multiball modes, the game’s animations burst to life in color!

When we hinted that we had “top men” working on this project, we weren’t kidding. The color ROM for IJ contains some of the most detailed artwork to date! ColorDMD’s Chris Enright provided the heavy lifting with key support from developers Josh Jertberg and Mark Jarzewiak.

Josh is an artist, video game animator, and pinball enthusiast who provided reference frame artwork that served as a starting point for coloring most of the animated sequences. Mark, hot off the heels of the Doctor Who release, pitched in to help wrap up some of the more complex sprite sequences in the game.

This color release leverages the same ColorDMD hardware platform used for all previously supported games, and shares the same platform with the company’s SIGMA line of single-color displays.

Video Link is here