Installed Ramp, Diverter, and Ball Shooter Decals on AC/DC Premium Pinball Machine

Yesterday I installed decals for the two ramps, the ramp diverter, and also the shooter lane on my AC/DC pinball machine. The installation for all were pretty straight-forward.

For the ramp decals that were purchased from Hooked on Pinball,, both ramps had to be removed to allow access to the bottom for installation.  With the right ramp (Cannon) it was a bit more difficult, I have installed Mike D’s video screen mod that replaces the dancing band. The mod prevents the ramp from being removed unless you remove the mod.  So instead of removing the mod, I uninstalled all the screws holding the ramp to the playfield and had enough clearance to turn the ramp to allow access to the bottom.  I used the Windex method to apply the deal.  Spraying the decal with Windex allows you to move the decal around the area before it drys to the surface.  You must get out all the excess Windex and air bubbles before the decal drys.

Applying the diverter and shooter lane decals were also pretty easy.  These stickers were purchased from I recommend removing the apron to allow easier access to the shooter lanes.  The apron is held on with two nuts that are under the rule cards. For the diverter sticker, a hole is cut into the sticker to allow easier placement for the rivet that is used to hold the ramp diverter to the playfield.

Everything looks great and the mods are a fairly cheap.  Pics are below of the install.

IMG_0982 IMG_0980 IMG_0977 IMG_0973 IMG_0968IMG_0975