Build out of Virtual Mini Pinball Cabinet

Last Thursday (August 28th) I started building a mini virtual pinball machine for a Brain Kick meeting we are having at work. The meeting takes place Tuesday Sept 3rd. I work for an advertising company in New Jersey as the IT Director for the company. In the meeting, I am going to discuss everything about pinball. Places to play, history ,restoration, virtual pinball, etc. For the meeting I am going to have a contest to see who can get the most points on a virtual pinball machine playing The Pinball Arcade from Farsight Studios. The only issue I had was that I needed to build a pinball machine to create this contest. You just can’t go to your nearest store to purchase a mini table, so the only other way to do this is to create my own.

I started with building the cabinet. I bought some wood from Lowe’s and just started creating my own measurements. I needed the cabinet to support multiple buttons for game play. Next I built the back box. Again just did some measurements. Cut 2 pieces of wood for the sides. 2 pieces for top and bottom. 2 pieces for front and back.

Next installed art work that was printed from a color ink jet printer and color copier.

Next did the wiring inside the cabinet with a IPac purchased from and also buttons that were purchased from

Measured for the installation of an old PC tablet that I had already.

Next programmed the software of Pinball Arcade to the commands of the IPac.

Next installed the chrome side rails I bought from Home Depot. The three pieces are metal pieces that were found in the cabinet handle and misc department. They look great.

The 9 buttons are programmed for.

* Plunger
*Left Flipper
*Right Flipper
*Nudge Left
*Nudge Right
*Exit Game
*Camera View
*2nd Left and Right Flipper (Black Knight Magna Save)

Start to finish the project took me about 3 days to complete. It looks and plays great. If you have any questions please feel free to email


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Thanks for reading.

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