New Metallica Pinball Code Released V1.63

Stern Pinball has posted new Metallica code Version 1.63 for all models.
This code contains enhancements, bug fixes and adjustments.

Pro & Pro LED – V1.63

Premium – V1.63

LE – V1.63

This update can also be found on our website in the
game code library.

V1.63 – September 2, 2014

– Added LED GI effects for the “Blackened” mode awards.

– The 2x playfield multiplier is now paused during cross, electric
chair, coffin, and snake multiball start.
– Crank it up points selection was not scoring the points. This has
been corrected.
– Lady Justice mode start criteria has been changed. Ramp letters and
mode start are allowed as long as seek & destroy and any crank it up
mode are not running. (Previously, ramp letters were allowed during
multiball, but mode starts were not.)
– Fixed up snake lock so it works better when a ball is being held on
the cross magnet for super jackpot.
– Any shot that completes a row or column in the grid during the “For
Whom The Bell Tolls” mode is awarded at 2x. The last shot is 4x as it
completes both a row and a column.
– Fixed a bug with the guitar pick targets that would cause the score
for completing the targets to be one increment too high.
– Added combo rules for stage #2 of Crank it Up. Making any shot blinks
a random shot for 2x. Making additional lit shots increases the
multiplier on the blinking shot by 1x.
– Tightened up captive ball extra coffins timer from 2.5 seconds to 1.5
seconds. There is still a one second grace period.
– Fixed a bug in cross multiball that would keep the super jackpot
multiplier from advancing.
– Added left ramp cross to the up/down effect lamps; it was missing.

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