Pinbits AC/DC Lightning Mod Review

I recently purchased the Pinbits lightning bolt mod kit.  Installation was pretty easy.  Took about 20 mins.

1) First you need to remove the screw that holds the stock plastic lightning bolts to the top of the stand up targets.
2) Need to remove screws of the left and middle stand up targets from below the play field. Not needed for the right target.
3) Lower the wire through the holes of the play field where the lightning bolts are positioned.
4) Tap into the wires that give power to the bulbs behind the stock lightning bolts.
5) Re-install the stand up targets into the play field.
6) Screw the Pinbits lightning bolts to the stand up  targets.  Actually screwing the lightning bolts to the stand up targets weren’t simple. I had to remove the bottom nut of the lightning bolt that fastens to its mount to fully tighten the screw to the stand up target. The screwdriver didn’t have enough clearance to reach the screw.

The installation was fairly straight forward.

The lightning bolts are very bright and look great.  Unfortunately I had the Pinball Decals version of this mod and had some
issues. The first set I purcahsed had some LEDS that burnt out from two of the lightning bolts. Contacted Joey from Pinball Decals and he graciously sent me another set to replace the first set.  Unfortunately, the second set did the same thing so I just went with the Pinbits version instead. So far the Pinbits set has been working flawlessly.  Joey from Pinball Decals is really great to deal with.  I just didn’t feel like ripping apart the play field again to replace them with another set of Pinball Decals version.

I recommend the Pinbits lightning bolts for the AC/DC pinball machine. No problems so far.  Below are some pics of the installation.

Also a video of the mod in action can be found here:

IMG_4786 IMG_4778


Right Side Target



IMG_4767 IMG_4764 IMG_4762