Installation of Pin Graffix Aprons and Blades

Tonight, I installed PinGraffix’s AFM and MM aprons and blades.  PinGraffix created blades and aprons for both Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars. The blades are created on a heavy duty vinyl which seems quite durable.  The aprons are the standard metal apron with a decal applied to them. The two aprons look great.

I found while applying the blades, wetting the back with soapy water and applying was the way to go. This method made moving the decal and applying where needed easier than doing it dry.

My installation of the products comes with some good and bad news.

Applying the Attack From Mars blades went great.  Installation of these blades took all about 10 minutes and was quite easy. Not so much for Medieval Madness.  My Medieval Madness’s play field is so close to the sides of the cabinet that it nearly made it impossible installing the blades.  After finally applying the blades and lowering the play field, disaster struck. The blades were trashed by the play field rubbing against them. The blades actually crinkled making them useless.

I cannot fault PinGraffix with this issue.  My Medieval Madness’s play field is so tight to the sides of the cabinet that it is impossible to use any kind of blades. I would suggest checking your play field and cabinet before purchasing to make sure you don’t run into this same issue.  I did install the Medieval Madness apron and that went well.

The only thing I suggest before installing the new aprons is not forgetting to remove the clips from your current aprons where the screws are inserted. The new aprons do not come with these clips, the clips must be removed from the old ones.

Overall the installation went easy and everything looks great. I highly recommend all the items mentioned. Just a reminder to check the play field clearance on the sides of your cabinet before purchasing the blades.

IMG_4704 IMG_4707 IMG_4710      IMG_4718


IMG_4728 IMG_4735


Don’t Forget the Clips


Medieval Madness Blades Aftermath