AC/DC Pinball Mike D Mod

I was lucky enough to obtain a beta version of the AC/DC mod created by Mike D Pinball. Just installed the mod last night which changes the dancing band in the right hand corner of the play field to a video monitor which plays videos throughout the game.

The mod was pretty straightforward to install and the instructions that are provided with the mod walk you through the install process.  I also bought the Creature From the Black Lagoon Mod from Mike which replaces the creature hologram in the middle of the play field with a tv screen which shows videos through out the game. The AC/DC mod plays videos that you download to the device through the software Mike D provides.  The design of the hardware is great. It looks very professional.  The monitor clarity is very clear and provides a great enhancement to the game.

I am still beta testing the mod as of now and the results have been great.  Mike is still in the process of creating the video software but the hardware seems strong so far.

As I continue to test the mod, a final review will be posted with my results.  Below is a link of a quick video I created of game play with the mod in action.  Also a link is provided of Mike D’s Pinball site.

Video of Mod :

Mike D Website :

Instructions for Install  :